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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paper Clip Bookmark

My daughter had a Social Studies project where she needed to make a "product" to sell among her fellow classmates.  I was so happy when she came to me for creative advice!!  She and I started bouncing around ideas, we needed to come up with a product that was inexpensive to make but creative enough to be something that would be useful to 5th graders.  We concluded that paper clip bookmarks would be the best product for this project. 

Craft DIY

Here are the steps she used to make these genius little pieces of heaven.

Paper Clips (we used the large ones)
Hot Glue Gun (only if you prefer)

Step One:
Cut your ribbon into 4"-5" long
Step One
Step Two:
Fold your ribbon in half then slide it in halfway thru the head of the paper clip (not the mouth)
Step Two
Step Three:
Take the two end pieces of ribbon and feed them thru the folded end of the ribbon.  
Step Three
Note: Your ribbon will not come out flat, (if it does then you are a genius).  Don't panic, it's easy to adjust your ribbon to lay flat, just work with it a little. 

Step Four:
Pull till it's nice and tight.
Step Four

Note: I went ahead and put a couple dabs of hot glue on the inside back of the knotted area of the ribbon. This will make sure that the knot won't come loose.

And there you go...VOILA!
This was the perfect project my daughters event and best of all we both had a nice time working on it together!! Let's just see what that grade is gonna be.....

I'm linking this one up:

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